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In this page we will showcase various publications and awards that showcase the work carried out by the various simulation Faculty.


Also within this section you will be able to access various recordings and reading literature.

Award-winning training

MTI Training

Medway NHS Foundation Trust Simulation has celebrated by being shortlisted and highly commended for a number of national awards for a new training programme. The aim of this simulation based training programme was initially to introduce overseas doctors to how the NHS works, align them with the values it represents, and integrate them into the existing system.


Two essential components of this project were a high fidelity simulation-based training and a workshop focusing on resilience and reflection. This would allow them to practice common scenarios encountered in acute medicine and skills in a safe environment, and provide them with resources and techniques to help them deal with anxiety and stress.


The training programme was structured over four days, tackling some of the different issues that international medical graduates (IMGs) frequently encounter when transferring to the UK.


The main educational principles behind the course were spiral learning/experiential learning through simulation-based education and debriefing with pre- and post-course assessment of the participants’ abilities by competence and confidence questionnaires. During a second day of simulation-based training, the IMGs experienced more complex clinical scenarios representative of challenges facing their role as practicing on call medical registrars.


A number of presentations were created to highlight the benefit of this course and a publication:



The BMJ Awards are described as an opportunity to celebrate the innovation that teams bring to their patients, an event with high value for entrants and winners.  The team presented to a panel of experts about the simulation programme supporting overseas doctors.


Through huge political, technological and financial challenges within the sector, the HSJ Awards continue to look into sharing best practice, improving patient outcomes, and innovating drivers of better service.


The Parliamentary Award is where MP’s are looking for outstanding nominees who have innovated, impressed and made a real difference to how the NHS provides care for patients. These awards are for anyone working for or with the NHS towards the shared goal of delivering health and high quality care, now and for future generations.


Publications & Presentations

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Journal club

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COVID-19 Resus Guide

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Human Factors- Drug error simulation

ICU Handover

Proning & De-proning of a Ventilated Critical Care Patient

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