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Learn about the process for responding to exception reports from postgraduate doctor raising patient safety, rostering or training concerns.

If your postgraduate doctor is in need of support

Where there is an issue with clinical performance and/or professionalism and your postgraduate doctor is failing to meet the required standard, as Educational Supervisor you should ensure that:


  • Any issues are discussed as soon as the problem is identified where possible and that a written record of the meeting is kept.


  • Remedial measures are put in place with clearly defined written objectives so that your postgraduate doctor has the opportunity to correct any deficiencies.


  • All relevant key personnel (including the Director of Medical Education, Medical Education Manager, Medical Director and the Postgraduate Dean) are kept fully informed.


Information on referrals to other resources such as Occupational Health and the Professional Support Unit (PSU)

Information on ES/CS Postgraduate Doctor in Need of Support Workshops

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