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Information about clinical and educational supervision and details of online tools that Foundation Doctors can use for support and guidance.

Educational supervision

All postgraduate doctors are allocated a named Consultant Educational and Clinical Supervisors for their training year and these Consultants work in collaboration with the Foundation Training Programme Directors and Medical Education Faculty to provide a fulfilling educational experience in a supportive environment.

The Educational Supervisor is usually (but not always) your Consultant Clinical Supervisor of the first placement, and is allocated to each Foundation Programme doctor for the entire training period at the Trust. In addition to the clinical teaching, they are responsible for overseeing your training throughout the year and making sure that you are achieving the necessary clinical and educational progress. However, it is your responsibility to organise meetings with your Educational Supervisor so that you receive regular feedback.

In addition, the Educational Supervisor provides career advice, pastoral care and general guidance.

ES Roles & Responsibilities:

Education Meetings – your Educational Supervisor should meet you within the first three week of each placement and then regularly in order to:

  • Review progress to date

  • Ensure all appropriate assessments have been completed

  • Review which competencies have been met

  • Review/amend professional development/learning plan

  • Ensure all relevant documentation has been completed

  • Provide careers guidance

Your Educational Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Undertaking a regular Personal Development Plan (PDP) with you

  • Bringing together the structured report which looks at evidence of progress in training, including assessments

  • Completing an end of year assessment which feeds into your ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression)

Educationl supervsion

Clinical supervision

Although you may receive clinical supervision from a wide range of healthcare professionals during your rotations through the various specialty placements, a named Consultant Clinical Supervisor is allocated for each individual placement.  

The Consultant Clinical Supervisor must offer a level of supervision appropriate to the competence and experience of the individual doctor. This will include on-going clinical teaching and support in clinical activity through observing practice, having developmental conversations, giving regular feedback and providing advice. They will also provide teaching and training in the workplace, performing assessments and regular informal or formal review, as well as providing a rapid response to issues as they arise. Both postgraduate doctors and supervisors should be aware at all times of their direct responsibilities for the safety of patients in their care.

You should organise a meeting with your Clinical Supervisor within two weeks of starting your attachment and then at least one more meeting at the end of the attachment. It is your responsibility to organise these meetings.

More information regarding the role and responsibilities of your Supervisors can be found in the Operational Framework for Foundation Training Document which has been used as the guiding document in the setting up of this and all other Foundation Programmes nationally.


If you have any comments or concerns about a particular post, you should speak with your FTPD, your Clinical Supervisor or Medical Education Manager. If you have any comments or concerns about your Clinical Supervisor, please speak with your Educational Supervisor, FTPD or Clinical Tutor.

Clinical supervision
The Green Book

The Green Book

The Green Book app is portable and allows fast access to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of acute conditions. The new version contains up to date algorithms based upon our acute Trust guidelines across specialities. 


The aim of the Green Book is to help doctors and nurses at Medway make the right decisions for our patients based upon best practice. Every algorithm is championed by a consultant within the speciality. Through this we aim to improve the accessibility to key information for our staff, and help ensure that every patient at Medway receives the best care.


The latest edition of the Green Book is now available and includes a dedicated section on COVID-19.

Green Book App Web Banner - COVID.jpg

Get it on the app store

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Operational Framework for foundation training

Download the guide, which aims to aid delivery and management of Foundation Training by UK Foundation Schools.

Operational Framework

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