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This page provides information about regular teaching in the Education Centre at Medway Maritime Hospital. For a full timetable including non-regular events and one-off sessions such as Specialty Regional Training Days, please explore our Medical Education calendar.


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Teaching opportunities are indicated on the above timetable; if you would like to get involved in any of these please contact:


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The Education Centre at Medway Maritime Hospital

Schwarz Rounds
Serious Conversation

Schwartz Round

Schwartz Round sessions held in the Education Centre provide an informal lunch followed by a structured one-hour forum where staff from all disciplines come together to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.

The purpose of the Rounds is not to solve problems, but to explore the human and emotional aspects of delivering care and the challenges that staff face from day to day.

The Rounds are based on a patient case that raises specific issues for those caring for the patient. The basic format is that a panel, made up of two or three clinicians involved in the care of the patient, present the case in relation to a particular topic – for example, giving bad news or being caught between the patient and their family. A facilitator then leads the discussion.

For a full timetable including Schwartz Round sessions, please visit the
Medical Education calendar: 

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Schwarz Round leaflet

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