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As one of the Trusts belonging to the South Thames Foundation School, Medway currently provides 56 FY1 and 55 FY2 programmes, offering a range of hospital-based specialties as well as community placements such as Psychiatry and General Practice.


Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) provide psychiatry placements and training for doctors all over the county of Kent. Please visit the KMPT website for more information.

About our training

The Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD) at Medway is Dr Rupinder Kaur.

In the Education Centre located adjacent to the Hospital, you will attend induction and weekly teaching. This is also where you will find the Medical Education team who are always available to answer any questions and help in any way they can.


We offer Postgraduate Doctors a comprehensive, curriculum-based lecture programme with protected teaching for Foundation doctors. All Foundation doctors receive a minimum one day of Simulation training in our state-of-the-art Simulation Centre, with other simulation teaching opportunities included in the teaching programmes.


Dr Rupinder Kaur, Foundation Training Programme Director



About our trainng

Medway foundation programmes

Here you can see a list of Foundation programmes.

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Foundation programmes
Trainee representatives
Image by Bill Oxford

Foundation Doctor representatives

Foundation Doctor representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Foundation Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.


At the beginning of each new training F1 & F2 training year one Foundation Doctor Representative and one Deputy Foundation Doctor Representative will be appointed from within each of the foundation cohorts.


The Foundation Programme Advisor (FPA) will circulate an email to all F1 and F2 doctors within Medway notifying them of the application process and the application deadline. F1 & F2 doctors, who would like to apply, should submit their application to the FPA and once collated, nominations will be disseminate to the relevant cohort for voting.  

The successful foundation doctors will be notified via email of their appointment and will be announced at the one of the first weekly teaching sessions in August.

The primary role of a foundation doctor representative is:


  • To liaise with the trust F1/F2 Doctors and act as a link, feeding back on ideas and issues that trainees would like raised at the Local Faculty Group (LFG) and Local Academic Board (LAB) meetings.

  • Attend LFG and LAB meetings in person (at least two per year).

  • Seek, collate and report the opinions of the foundation trainees and attend the Postgraduate Doctor Forums.

  • It is their role to communicate with their peers to collate feedback on good practice, to present ideas and work with the Tutors, Directorates and Medical Education Faculty to address local issues that require resolve.

  • For FY1 Reps: To represent Medway by attending the Foundation Programme Fair with the FY1 TPD and the FPA

  • Represent Medway at relevant HEE external meetings when necessary

Thinking of joining us?

Thinking of joining us as a Foundation Doctor? – Contact us with your queries

Join us

KSS Foundation School

The KSS FS covers a large geographical area with a range of locations and types of hospital and community experience.  Our trusts all provide excellent foundation training programmes which meet curricular requirements.

KSS Foundation School

UK Foundation Programme

 Information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes

UK Foundation Programme

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