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Study leave process

There are three main categories as below for claiming study leave for courses. All courses must meet the London and South East (LaSE) approval lists and you must enter the unique code on your study leave application.

Study Leave Flow Chart image

Study leave process flow chart. Click to download.

Please contact the MFT study leave team for assistance and guidance via the generic email address:

Study leave process
Forms & guidance

To view HEE pre-approved curriculum mandatory and optional courses

click on the link below:


Study leave application form

EASY Expenses

'How to' register with EASY Expenses

Vehicle information

FY taster application


SOP - Medical Education MFT

LAKSS study leave process 2019

Study leave - principles for approving activities

HEE 3 levels of course

HEE process for aspirational courses

SAS - HEKSS funding


Doctors wishing to submit an application should initially read the HEE Relocation Guidelines for information and to check eligibility prior to submitting an application.


Applications of eligibility for reimbursement of relocation and associated expenses should ideally be made prior to commencing your post; and must be made within three months of incurring the expenditure.

To submit an application, please complete the Relocation eligibility form and the vehicle documentation form and return them to: 

HEE Reolcation Guidelines

Relocation eligibility form

Vehicle documentation form

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