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Medical career structure

The diagram below offers an overview of the structure and timeline for medical careers in the UK.

Career Structure.png

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HEE Health Careers website

More information about different stages and career options within this structure

Career structure

Trust Careers Lead

Dr Bov Jani is a Consultant Paediatrician and the Trust’s appointed Careers lead. He acts as the point of liaison between support provided by the educational supervisors and HEE KSS based careers support. He adheres to the UKFPO’s approach to career management and resources available as described in the UK Foundation Programme Reference Guide and provides careers workshops for both F1 and F2 trainees.

If you have careers queries for Dr Bov Jani, please contact us.

Dr Bov Jani.jpg

Dr Bov Jani, Consultant Paediatrician and Trust Careers Lead

Trust Careers Lead

Professional Support Unit (PSU)

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) provides a shared service of expert resources to support the professional development of clinicians in London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) and access is via self-referral. They can offer you a wide range of advice and help. 

The PSU offers one-to-one, free and confidential Careers Advice and Guidance appointments covering areas such as post foundation/core training options and factors affecting career choice and progression. They also offer workshops and webinars, including career planning, speciality recruitment, preparing for consultant selection.


In addition there is a free and confidential coaching service, providing one-to-one coaching support and is particularly designed to help trainees and learners in challenging situations that could prevent them from getting the most from their careers.

Professional Support Unit (PSU) website

PSU Free Careers Advice & Guidance

PSU Free Coaching Service


Career planning e-learning

The London and South East (LaSE) Careers Unit has developed a four stage career planning module for foundation doctors in partnership with e-learning for Healthcare.

This e-learning course has been designed to support Foundation doctors in making their career decisions about specialty choice. We encourage you to use it during FY1 year and to support you during the process of making post foundation career decisions.

Register to use the LaSE module

Select My account 

Select Enrolment 

Scroll down to Regional e-learning 

Select LaSE - Career Planning for Healthcare Professionals and select Save 

There is a downloadable workbook to accompany each of the four stages and can be used to record leaning and reflections throughout the process.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything arising from the module, you can contact your educational supervisor, training programme director or Dr Bov Jani, Medical Careers Lead for the Trust.


Information about support for postgraduate doctors at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

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