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Here at Medway we offer a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate medical students to develop and enhance their skills through a range of learning experiences.

Transition to F1 (TtF1)

TtF1 has been introduced with the aim of preparing you to be able to undertake the duties of a Foundation Year 1 Doctor.


Our aim is to help to alleviate some of the anxiety that students can experience around this next step whilst building resilience. It may highlight some areas that you need to develop, and we will be on hand to assist you with this but it will also help to build your confidence in your own abilities whilst improving your team working and communication skills.


There will be a variety of workshops set by the Medical School that all students are required to attend and we make these as interactive as possible.


Whilst all sites now offer Virtual on Call to students, we also include an out of hour’s session where you will shadow the ART Team, giving further exposure to the deteriorating patients.


At Medway, we also run a Virtual Ward Round which allows our TtF1 students to work alongside Physiotherapy, OT, Pharmacy and Nursing students to establish a full ward round with live patients.  This enables the team to manage the patient’s presenting complaint as they would during any acute real-life situation.

Competencies including communication skills, history-taking, professional attitudes, awareness of ethical basis of healthcare, physical examination, clinical laboratory skills, diagnostic skills, therapeutic skills, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, problem solving, team-work, organisation skills and  management skills are all incorporated within this session.

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