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Doctors' induction

At the beginning of your programme (usually on your first day at Medway), you will be required to attend Doctors Trust induction in the Education Centre, designed to familiarise you with the Trust in general.

The Medical Education team will contact you to confirm how and where
your induction will be delivered and send you the induction programme
and all other relevant information required.

Doctors in Training Induction Dates 2023-24

Doctors' induction
Departmetal induction
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Departmental local induction

Once Trust induction has been completed (usually on the day after Trust induction), you will attend departmental local induction programmes designed to familiarise you with the relevant specialty department (including organisational and educational aspects).  Clinical guidelines used in the department will be explained at the induction. Written information on timetables and other arrangements will also be provided as part of departmental inductions.

More information on local inductions

Mandatory training

Mandatory training

Mandatory training can be completed via My ESR:

My ESR: Login

My ESR: Guide

In line with the HEE streamlining process and to reduce duplication, if we are in receipt of evidence that you have completed any of these modules below at your previous Trust, and they meet our Trust requirements with regards to the refresher period, then you will not need to complete them again.

We can accept evidence of completion from your previous Trust in the form of an Inter Authority Transfer (IAT), which is shared directly from Trust to Trust, or you can provide evidence to us directly in the form of certificates or screen shots.


For any mandatory training queries please contact the Organisational Development team via our internal HR Service Desk portal.

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Onsite parking

Applications forms for staff onsite car parking permits are sent out by Medical Staffing with your joining information pack.


For all enquiries regarding Doctors contracts or offer letters etc. please contact Medical Staffing at:   


You can also make parking enquiries by emailing the Car Parking team at:


Parking prices are approximately £25.00 per month (this may be subject to change) and is paid from your monthly salary. 

Leave & rota queries

Requesting annual leave

All leave is requested through e-Roster.


Annual leave must be requested a minimum of 6 weeks prior to taking leave.


The e-roster team will do their best to inform you if it has been approved by 4 weeks prior to your leave.


If you have on call shifts during the time you wish to take you must arrange cover and this should be added to the request in the notes section on e-Roster so the roster team are aware of the changes.


The e-Roster will sanction leave on the basis of the ward cover at the time, so it is worth discussing leave with your colleagues to be sure to get your leave.


It is no longer a requirement to ask your consultant to sign off your leave.

For all enquires contact the e-Rostering Team at:

Rota queries

All weekly Rotas are available to view live on the staff intranet once you are in Trust.


For any Rota queries contact the Rota Teams as below:

Medicine Rotas:


Surgical Rotas:


Anaesthetic/ ICU Rotas:

Further introductory information for undergraduates

Introductory information for doctors' training in different specialities

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