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Find our about the team that delivers medical education for Medway NHS Foundation Trust. Please visit the Contact page if you would like to get in touch with a member of our team.


Dr Janette Cansick

Director of Medical Education

Janette Canswick.png

Dr Priya Krishnan

Director of Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr Priya Krishnan.png

Dr Ashike Choudhury

Deputy Director of Medical Education


Dr Gavin Guy

Deputy Director of Undergraduate Medical Education

Gavin Guy.jpg

Medical Education

College Tutors & LFG Leads

Dr Kumaravel Veerappen

Kumarvel Veerappan.png


Miss Joanna Clay

Joanna Clay.png

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Mr Howard Marsh 

No headshot (light grey)


Dr Amanda Morrice


Emergency Medicine

Miss Helen McElroy

Photo Helen McElroy.jpg


Dr Graeme Sanders

No headshot (light grey)


Dr Lisa Vincent-Smith

Lisa Vincent Smith.png



Dr Rupinder Kaur

FY1 & FY2

Rupinder Kaur cropped.jpg


Dr Tim Colbert

Tim Colbert.jpg

Dr Katie Stone

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-20 at 1.15.56 PM.jpeg

Peter Milburn

Peter Milburn.jpg


Carol Atkins

Head of Medical Education Services

Carol Atkins.png

Sally Bambrough

Foundation Programme Supervisor

Sally Bambrough.png

Gillian Manktelow

GP Programme/ Study Leave Supervisor


Barbara Bolton

Undergraduate Medical Education Co-ordinator

Barbara Bolton.png

June Mossop-Toms

Medical Education Manager


Catherine Emery

Medicine Programme Supervisor

Catherine Emery.png

Zoe Fisher

Medical Education Advisor

Zoe Fisher.png

Shaira Agunias

Medical Education Assistant- Foundation


Daniella James

Undergraduate Manager

Daniella James.png

Dan Clarke

Faculty Facilitator 

Dan Clarke.jpg

Satvinder Rehsi

Medical Education Advisor- Induction



Ann O'Brien

Education Centre & Reception Supervisor


Kim Turner

Education Centre  Technical/IT support & Reception Administrator

Kim Turner_edited.jpg

Leah Sotgiu

Education Centre Receptionist

Leah Sotgiu.jpg
Medical Education

Simulation & Clinical Skills

Dr Manisha Shah

Trust Simulation Lead

Dr Manisha Shah.png

Dr Vipal Chawla

Medicine Simulation Lead

Vipal Chawla- Medicine Simulation Lead.jpg

Gaby Kalley

Clinical Skills & Simulation Faciliator

Gaby Kalley.jpg

Dr Felicity Brokke

Deputy Simulation Lead

Felicity Brokke.jpg

Gemma Dockrell

Clinical Simulation Operational Manager

Gemma Wrighton.png

Gary Knowles

Simulation Technician

Gary Knowles.png

Dr Sachin Patel

Medical Student Simulation Lead

Dr Sachin Patil.png

Lisa Walker

Clinical Skills & Simulation Faciliator

Lisa Walker.png

Lizzie Rickard

Simulation Administrator & Technician

lilly (2).jpg
Simulation & clinical skills


Dr Priya Krishnan

Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, GKT Year 4 LTC Teacher

Dr Priya Krishnan.png

Dr Gihan Hettiarachchi

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Teacher

Dr Gihan Hettiarachchi.jpg

Dr Ashraf Syed

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Teacher

Dr Ashraf Syed.jpg

Miss Mel Islam

TtF1 Lead

Dr Mel Islam.jpg

Mr Adebayo Da-Costa

GKT Year 4 EMCC Lead

Dr Adebayo Da Costa.JPG

Miss Delilah Hassanally

GKT Year 4 Women’s Health Teacher

Delilah Hassanally.jpg

Dr Sachin Patil

Undergraduate Simulation Lead

Dr Sachin Patil.JPG

Dr Bikash Bhojnagarwala

TtF1 Teacher

Bikash Bhojnagarwala.jpg

Prof. Amit Tolat

KMMS Year 3 Surgical Lead

Amit Tolat.jpg

Mr Gavin Guy

Deputy Director DUME, GKT Year 4, Joint Women's Health Lead

Gavin Guy.jpg

Dr Sandeep Gandhi

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Teacher

Dr Sandeep Ghandi

Dr Ravi Ganapathy

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Teacher


Dr Naser Ben-Ramadan

GKT Year 4 Child Health Lead

Dr Naser Ben-Ramadan.jpg

Miss Roopa Bangari

GKT Year 4 Joint Women's Health Lead

Roopa Bangari.png

Dr Asma Javed

GKT Year 4 Women’s Health Teacher

Dr Asma Javed.jpg

Miss Saadia Shah

TtF1 Teacher

Saadia Shah.jpg

Dr Debjit Chatterjee

KMMS Year 3 Medicine Lead

Debjit Chatterjee.png

Dr Rachel Krol

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Lead

Rachel Krol.png

Dr Gabor Sipos

GKT Year 5 Acute Care Teacher

Dr Gabor Sipos.png

Dr Rahul Sarker

 GKT Year 4 EMCC Teacher

Dr Rahul Sarkar.jpg

Dr Faisz Mohamed

GKT Year 4 Child Health Teacher

Faisz Mohamed.jpg

Mr Hany Wisa

GKT Year 4 Women’s Health Teacher

Dr Hany Wisa.jpg

Dr Rupika Mehta

GKT Year 4 Women’s Health Teacher

Dr Rupika Mehta.jpg

Miss Joanna Clay

TtF1 Teacher

Joanna Clay.png

Dr Edyta Klepacz

KMMS Year 3 Elderly Care Lead

Edyta Klepacz.png

Education Fellows

Dr Bethan Firmin

Education Fellow

Bethan Portrait Photo.PNG

Mr Jason Langley

Education Fellow

Jason Portrait Photo.PNG

Dr Melissa Bowen

Education Fellow

Melissa Portrait Photo.PNG

Dr Chris Mifsud

Education Fellow

Chris Portrait Photo.PNG
Education Fellows

Get in touch with the Medical Education at Medway team

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