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I am delighted that you are choosing to do your training with us here at Medway Maritime Hospital. Many of you will have been here before and we are so pleased to welcome you back.

Medway is one of four acute hospital trusts in Kent and is extremely busy, serving a local population of approximately 400,000 people and employing over 4000 staff.  We have over 230 junior doctor training placements per year and have developed a vision to deliver the Best of Care by the Best of People.

During your time here, you will gain exposure to a wide variety of physiology and pathology and have the opportunity to train in a supportive environment with a caring, helpful workforce. 

We greatly value the hard work and dedication of all our training doctors. You are an important part of our staff and we want to hear of your experiences during your time at Medway. As such please find the time to attend our Junior Doctors Forums and feedback to the Local Faculty Group meetings. This will allow us to continue improving our quality standards.

I hope that your training at Medway is enjoyable and you will join us in our continuous drive to improve patient care.

Please explore this website and feel free to contact us or visit the Medical Education Team with any questions.

Dr Janette Cansick

Director of Medical Education and Consultant Paediatrician

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We have a wealth of educational resources available at Medway, some in the Education Centre found on the green opposite the hospital’s main entrance and others in the departmental seminar rooms in the main hospital building. 

The Education Centre co resources Medical and Undergraduate Education, the Resuscitation Services, Nurse Education, the SimulationSuite on the ground floor, as well as Organisation & Professional Development and Employee Relations on level 1. Medical HR has recently been re-located to ‘Gundulph’, Level 3, Blue Zone in the main hospital.

Upcoming events

22/09/21, 12:00

GPVTS (ST1/2) teaching

Zoom Session

22/09/21, 13:00

IMT teaching

Seminar Room 2, Education Centre

23/09/21, 07:00

Dynamic Debrief

Common Room, Medway Maritime Hospital

23/09/21, 12:30

Elderly Care Departmental teaching

Seminar Room 2

23/09/21, 12:30

Foundation Year 2 protected teaching

Lecture Theatre, Education Centre

23/09/21, 13:30

Foundation Year 2 protected Self Development Time

Location is TBD

27/09/21, 12:30

Gastroenterology Departmental teaching

Seminar Room 2

27/09/21, 13:00

Acute Medicine Departmental teaching

Seminar Room 2


Our values

As an organisation we have demonstrated that we can be better, now we must aspire to be the best. This means providing the highest quality of care for our patients, through highly skilled staff.

We need to always be challenging ourselves and asking whether we are the best we can be. If we aren’t, then what is stopping us becoming the best and what can we do to make it an eventuality?






We are Inspiring and Ambitious


We are Respectful and Supportive


We are Open and Speak Up


We are Inclusive and Responsive

Visit the Health Education England Kent Surrey & Sussex website, which provides an overview of training in the locality