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Here at Medway NHS Foundation Trust we ensure that the quality of the training sessions is to the highest quality.  To do this we provide a fantastic faculty member training programme.  This involves completion of a sign off booklet including Human Factors and Dynamic Debrief Training.  Alongside this the individual will enhance their skills working alongside the experience faculty members.  Please click link to download Faculty development interest form and sign off booklet

Faculty members play a vital role within simulation.  Their ability to coach and mentor the student in a non-threatening manner is fundamental to the success of the simulation learning experience.  The diverse roles of the faculty are to:

  • Design the curriculum

  • Develop the learning outcomes

  • Time management

  • Sequencing of learning

  • Unfold the case scenario

  • Assessing the student’s knowledge, skill and judgement

  • Facilitate the debriefing

  • Be sensitive to the learner’s emotional well being

  • Programme the simulator

  • Care of the equipment

Faculty development form

Download to express your interest in our faculty development programme

Sign off booklet

Brief description of what this is to go here


Individual courses are run by appropriately experienced faculty

Policy Criteria


a) Experts in simulation, clinical skills or specialist practitioners are available to deliver courses appropriate to their skills

b) The training provider can either access or provide faculty development programmes

c) Faculty members are encouraged to attend on-going education in this field





1. Individual faculty members are able to provide evidence of their educational

 attainment or relevant faculty experience

  • For example a curriculum vitae or personal educational records

  • Record of educational training held by each faculty member

  • Clinical skills trainer or external trainer


2. The training provider delivers or can access faculty development programmes

  • Programme of in-house courses offered and attendance records

  • List of specialist training courses not available in-house which are recommended to faculty


3. Each faculty member is responsible for maintaining their professional development,

 such as:

  • Courses

  • Simulation/education conferences

  • Personal Development Plans

  • Continuous Professional Development

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