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Here at Medway NHS Foundation Trust we offer a wide range of opportunities to develop you within simulation and applying clinical skills.

About fellowships



Dr Manisah Shah, Simulation Lead



12 month post



Open to all who wish to develop a further interest in medical education, simulation and ED.

Time commitment

The trainee will have a minimum of one to two days per week dedicated to time spent in simulation and education projects, depending on the project needs, with the remainder of the time allocated to clinical commitment.


  • Attend a simulation training course, such as Dynamic Debrief and Human Factors (In-house)

  • Post graduate diploma in health and wellbeing

  • Develop a sound understanding of the development and delivery of clinical education programmes, incorporating the use of educational technologies

  • Function independently as a simulation and education instructor.

  • Development of an in situ simulation programme within clinical setting.

  • Gain clinical experience in the ED setting.

For more details, please contact:

About fellowships

A day in the life of a simulation fellow

“The decision to take a year out of training was not an easy one. We both applied for posts as simulation fellows, without knowing much about it but had enjoyed teaching students as junior doctors. We work part time as simulation fellows, and the rest of our time is spent doing clinical work in A&E.

"At the beginning of the year we had some formal training days which taught us about debriefing and human factors and the importance of not only examining students but the system that they work in.

"We started teaching simulations by observing other members of the team, then slowly integrating our skills into the sessions. After a few weeks we felt able to start leading sessions and debriefs.

"We also began to develop our own teaching styles and developed an interest in gamification and novel ways of teaching students. We developed some board games around handover and started working on a project which we were lucky enough to be able to present at an education conference.


"As part of our post we were able to enrol in a post graduate diploma in health and wellbeing at a local university which has allowed us to get a formal qualification alongside our daily jobs.

"We both love running simulations and working with the whole simulation team and different groups of students. Both of us have decided to stay in our posts for another year, continuing our development as clinical teachers.​”


By Dr Charlotte Bex and Dr Anais Mutarambirwa 

A day in the life of
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